The fabled Ootacamund Season

(The fabled Ooty Season must have started after 1870 when Ooty became the Summer Capital of Madras Presidency. Over the years the Season became the time for sports, festivals, shows and a meeting place for all classes of people from near and far. The tradition continued after independence. During war times the Seasons may have been perhaps  subdued but this year will be the first time there may not be a Summer Season.

The following report recalls the Ootacamund Season of 1961. The Police Cultural meet was unforgettable. Police troupes from different states excelled against each other. One troupe danced with every one wearing suits of lighted bulbs from head to toe with the auditorium lights turned off. The Madras team gave a vigorous Karagattam. To think that someone thought of a Police Cultural Festival is commendable. And what talents they displayed.)

The curtain has come down on the 1961 Ootacamund season with the advent of the South-West Monsoon and the departure of all the visitors. A few visitors, mostly Europeans, who like the monsoon weather, are staying on. Strictly speaking, this year’s season was one of the poorest and dullest on record from the points of view of the number of visitors and benefits to local trade and commerce.

The vast multitude of people that one witnessed on the Nilgiri Gold Cup Day at the Ootacamund races and at the Flower Show cannot be taken a as evidence of a successful and busy season since over 50 percent of the those people had visited Ooty just for the day. Further as a result of the date of the Flower Show having been advanced by a week, most of the visitors left the station earlier than usual since, according to popular belief, the Flower Show marks the end of the Ooty season. The Agri-Horticulural Society would do well to hold the Flower Show on the third Saturday of May henceforth in order to sustain the interest of visitors to this summer resort at least till the third week of May.

National Police Festival

The only event of the season that is likely to endure in the memory of the people for a long time to come is the All India Police Cultural Meet held on the local Government Arts Collage ground. People returned satisfied after witnessing excellent programmes of vocal, and instrumental music (classical and modern), folk dances, classic and modern dances etc contributed by the police officers, men and the members of their families from the various states of the country. The Madras State Police deserve congratulations for having undertaken the stupendous task of organizing this National Police Festival here under conditions that would have dissuaded persons of lesser courage and determination.

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