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George Uglow Pope  (1820 –1908), was a Canada born  Anglican Christian missionary and Tamil scholar who spent 40 years in Tamil Nadu and translated many Tamil texts into English. His popular translations included those of the Tirukkural and Thiruvasagam. He is read and revered by Tamils all over the world till date. A statue on the Chennai beach recognizes him for his contribution to the understanding and promotion of the Tamil language.

Rev. Pope was in Ooty for more than ten years after the Indian Mutiny. In 1858, a Grammar School for European children was opened in Stonehouse, of which the Rev.  Pope  was principal. However, the school had to move out the very next year. Rev. Pope finally shifted his residence and the school to Snowdon House, which was once occupied by Governor Roberts. The school was considered  the best of its kind that ever existed on the Hills. When he left  Ooty in 1871 the school was closed and it was said the  era of successful schools for European and Eurasian boys ended with him.

Rev. Pope conducted a Special service when the foundation stone was laid on the in 1867 for the St. Thomas Church. He also conducted a service on the occasion of the laying of the foundation for the Nilgiri Library in 1867.  
 After leaving Ooty Rev. Pope headed the Bishop Cotton Boys' School in Bangalore. He left India and settled in Oxford where he made a mark as a lecturer in Tamil and Telugu. He died there.

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